Minecraft: Story Mode

Game based on the famous sandbox game that also tells a tale


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  • Category Adventure
  • License Full Version
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
  • Language English
  • Program by Telltale Games

Play one long episode where you're in control with Minecraft: Story Mode.

This is a fun game that is based on the original Minecraft installments. You will find that you get somewhat limited play options, but you can customize the game in the manner that you want in most situations. When you combine all of the episodes, you will have about 10 hours of playing invested in the game. Jesse is a character that you are in charge of creating. You can change the overall look of Jesse as well as the clothes that are worn and some of the facial features.

When you begin designing the character and see your friends who will help you along your journey, you will see the block designs as they are seen in the typical Minecraft world. There are a few heroes that you will encounter on your way to The End. Something you will notice is that the world is wrong. If you've ever played any game that resembles The Walking Dead, then you will be comfortable with how this game is laid out. There are a few monsters that you will have to conquer before getting to an area where you feel remotely safe. The monsters can be difficult, but with the help of your friends you'll see that they don't take long to beat.

One of the things that you will see is that there are a few more puzzles to solve in this adventure than there are with the typical Minecraft game. These make the story a bit more interesting. You are in charge of the ending of the game and the way that the story unravels while having fun.


  • You're in charge
  • Fun characters
  • Puzzles in the game


  • Limited play time
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